How To Dress Smart For An Interview

Within the first seven seconds of meeting someone an impression of that particular person is created. It may be positive or negative. Hence making sure you create the right impression right at the beginning, from the start of the seven seconds, is important. This mainly matters when it comes to an interview where your attire, style and personality are closely observed. Perhaps women tend to pull this off quite easily thus creating the right first impression, but what about men? Here’s a couple of tips on perfecting your attire when it comes to an interview;

Consider the organization

Based on the company your applying for, you could decide what sort of attire they would expect an interviewee to be present with. If it’s an easy going and fairly strict company like Google, you are applying for, then dressing up with strictly tailored suits with dark colours and no light at all, would make you stand out but not in the positive way you expect but wearing an attire like that for a bank interview would be even better. Hence depending on the company you are applying for your attire choice and colour may vary, so consider the firm before you decide to dress up to face your interview.

Fabric of your attire

Although you may be unaware of this fact, even the fabric of one’s attire matters, especially when it comes to men and their shirts and jackets. When customizing, you could always request your outfit to be made exactly the way you want. Similarly you could request your attire for the interview to be made using high quality worsted wool. This blend shall neither look too dull nor too bright with a shiny look. You could go for colours like navy blue, black or grey when getting it done.Style If nothing has your personal touch and style then it would never manage to look good on you.

That is what is the most important when it comes to any attire. Similarly you could get the help of a tailor made shirt in Bangkok to design your outfit in a manner that satisfies you and has the perfect fit. Varying number of buttons, the lapel style, trousers with or without pleats are some touches you could add in based on the way you want. Consider you height as well when designing your attire.Not only that but also consider your tie pattern and colour, here you could go with any colour but as long as it matches, similarly give importance to your shirt colour as well making sure you make the right choice on fabric and colour of it. The colour of your shoes and socks too are important along with the belt you may wear as well. Certain organizations may not exactly approve of cufflinks as it may be considered a useless piece of jewellery so think twice before you decide to wear them. Be confident and believe in yourself and only then would you be able to ace the interview and land the job.

Tips On Selecting The Best Outfits For A Frat Party

Frat parties are a definitely different from the usual prim and proper parties that you would normally. They are loud, crowded and definitely sweaty, but this doesn’t stop frat houses from throwing frat parties neither does it stop people from going to one. College might pose its own challenges for kids and requires them to keep a steady and focused mind throughout the entire college years. However attending such parties for some is like a break from all the stress and work. A time to mingle and make friends.For those freshman who have no idea what to pair for their first ever frat party here are a couple of suggestions;

Go casual

While first impression matters for anything, when it comes to a frat party you might want to keep things simple and cute. Don’t even bother trying to go all out with fancy designer clothing and such, because chances that something could spill on you and ruin your favourite clothes, is high. Pairing tunic tops by Czarina Kaftans with shorts to match the weather or even a denim and tee too could work for the party. But make sure that if there is a theme that if followed, you dress according to it but that too go casual and simple.

Light and airy

Most frat house parties are known to be warm and heaty regardless of the cold nights, so don’t even think of wearing a top over a top or more thick clothes, as it will only make you feel irritated and uncomfortable throughout the entire night. To make things cute you could wear a tunic dress Australia or something equally light and airy. You could accessorize your outfit with whichever you deem appropriate to go with your outfit. It shall certainly help things seem better and brighter.

Comfort is key

When it comes to frat parties feeling comfortable with whatever you where is important to survive the night. It is also going get dirty as the night goes on with puke and dirt so similarly with your outfit choice your footwear too needs to be comfortable. Don’t think of wearing Jimmy Choos and stilettos if you want to have fun and party till late so sticking to a simple pair of flats or sandals would work.


Carry a sling purse that you could hold onto at all times to put in your phone, money and other necessities. It is important to have it with you at all times, this way you wouldn’t loose it and the other things inside it.

Be yourself

Regardless of what you wear with whom you go, don’t forget to be yourself throughout the entire night. This is your chance at making new friends so pretending to be someone you are not isn’t the best strategy. Be yourself and enjoy the night.Have fun and enjoy your first ever frat party and make new friends. Pair the right outfits and keep safe while you also enjoy the night with new friends!